Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is God Like?

This morning I stumbled upon a video that has just touched the core of my soul. To me, this gives a beautiful definition of what God is like. It is absolutely so amazing that this God, the God of the Universe, the God of all time, has hand-picked me to be His daughter, that he pursues me, that he fights for me. That he looks down on me as a mother looks at her new baby. There are times that is easier to hear than others. This morning it just feels really humble. I am having one of THOSE mornings after one of THOSE nights. Moments were I just don't quite like who I am, or the way I react, or the attitude I possess. And then a video like this hits me. To know that God loves me when I am doing it all right, and loves me just as much when I feel like I am doing it all wrong. The God of grace, the God of absolute unconditional love. The God I get to serve, the God I get to cry with and the God I want to tell everyone about. I hope this blesses you and that you know how much he loves you.
What is God Like? ( make sure your audio is up once you click on it)