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Chapter 2 and 3-You're Already Amazing

Chapters 2- Who Am I, Really?

In this chapter, Holly focuses on three places that together help us figure out who we are.

She says, "Your strengths+ your skills+ who your called to serve= you making a difference in the world in your own amazing ways."
1. Strengths- "a personal characteristic that can be used on behalf of God in service to others"
2. Skills"a strength expressed in a specific way that builds others up and benefits His kingdom"
3. Your Who- Your "heart relationships, personal relationships, and functional relationships"

Holly does a great job of using activities within this chapter of helping us to go within ourselves to identify those above. I hope you will take the time to really pinpoint these in your life. For me, this was challenging, because I haven't really looked at these in depth but I am so glad that I did.

Some of my favorite quotes of this chapter: (all quotes come from Chapter 2 of You're Already Amazing)

"The goal is not perfection. It's simply to be in an intimate relationship with Christ, each day, fully embracing who he created us to be, and seek to fulfill the purpose he has for us. He is our greatest strength- and the One who enables us to live out all the others strengths he's placed in us."

"In the end, what he wants most is simply us. Our hearts. Our dreams. Our days."

" We have something to offer that no one else can bring... and the world is waiting."

Video from with Holly over Chapters 1&2 are found below:
Printable from Chapter 2 Below: (from

Chapter 3: Why Is It So Hard To Believe I'm Amazing?

In this chapter, Holly uncovers some of the lies we tell ourselves and replaces those lies with God's truth.
Lie #1- " I have to be perfect"
TRUTH: God's goal in our lives is growth. Growth is about who we are becoming in Him.
Lie #2- " I need to be more like her"
TRUTH: I love what Holly says in this section, " Your story and strengths belong to you. God doesn't compare them (or you) to anyone else, and you don't have to either. Go for these three steps. Share, care, prayer. And skip the compare."
Lie #3- " I don't have anything to offer"
TRUTH: We do have something to offer ladies, and God says it's good
Lie #4- " Being confident will make me prideful and selfish"
TRUTH: Holly says in her book, " Jesus shows us: true confidence leads to service."
Lie #5- " I am who others say I am"
TRUTH: "God has the ultimate word on who you are. He declares you are loved, valuable, acceptable and irreplacable."

Chapter 3 Video with Holly Gerth from below:

Chapter 3 printable below from

I don't know if you have heard of the band Mumford and Sons. This is a beautiful song and illustrates to me what God wants from me. He just wants me to open my eyes to see His light. He wants to shine His light on me so I can shine it onto others. One of my favorite quotes from the song is, " in these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life. Awake My soul... for you were made to meet your maker."
"Awake My Soul" by Mumford and Sons
Discussion Questions:
1. Look back at your "Find Your Who" exercise in chapter 2. Who does it seem God most wants you to use your strengths and skills to serve?
2. What lie do you find you most often tell yourself? What truth can you replace that lie with? Are there any scripture that you have found that can help with this?

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  1. Just catching up. I'll keep it brief, but I wanted to say my favorite part of this section is in Chapter 3 where she talks about the lie that we have to be perfect. This is what I have been reminding myself daily since I read it:

    Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18)
    I don't have to be perfect.
    I only need to be perfectly loved.
    And I am.
    So are you.