Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Weight Watchers Meeting

Tonight was my first weight watchers meeting. It was good, I have my goal set, and by gosh darn, I am going to reach it this time. THAT, however, is not my reason for this post. It is about God ordaining moments, that is all I can say. When in fact, I sit here in my bedroom with little words. A woman at my school who I don't know well had to take a leave of absence due to medical reasons. I didn't know her well. I allowed that fact to not take the moments to check on her, to see if I could do anything. Around Thanksgiving, I thought about taking her family dinner, but then life got busy, and you know, I did nothing. I can sit here tonight and tell you that I am blessed that I have a God that is teaching me, that shows me Himself. Tonight when I walked into that meeting, there she sat. I have not seen or talked to her for probably 4 months. We got through the meeting and then spent close to an hour talking. She resigned today and is sad about it. She will miss her students, her faculty, and saying good-bye to 15 years of teaching. But God was there in that room tonight, nudging me, I could feel it. He couldn't physically put his arms around her, but sent me to do it. I don't know her well, but at that moment, she felt like family. Thank you God for teaching me another lesson. When I feel called to help someone, that is you calling me, and I need to answer the call, not get busy and forget. I was suppose to be at that weight watchers meeting tonight, and it was not for a weigh in. Now, I am going to quietly sit, and ask him to show me what to do to help her, to be her friend, to show her encouragement. God is good... all the time!

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  1. I love your awareness of Him. I think he is probably often asking us to be his arms to help his children, but we miss his calls. It takes such discipline to slow down enough to listen and hear these nudges. I love that you were at a slow enough pace this time to hear and respond. Very cool! Love you friend.