Friday, January 27, 2012

I Miss My Friend

They say that people deal with death in different ways. I have never really known whether or not that was true, until tonight. I am sitting here in my living room, feeling an immense amount of pain and sadness upon losing my friend. It was two weeks ago, January 5 to be exact. I did better than I expected at the visitation, even at the funeral. But today, two weeks after being at his memorial, it has hit me. He really has gone to be with Christ. For that I am so joyful. But for the fact that I can't email him right now, I can't text to see how he is doing, that makes my heart broken. On January 5th, the world lost one of the most amazing, kind and courageous people to an ugly disease. Craig Stephen Thomas was 34 years old. Eight years ago, he was given a death sentence... ALS. But the astounding thing that he taught me, a death sentence can be the call to an end or the call to a purpose. For Craig, it was the PURPOSE! He chose to take this opportunity to find the joy in everything, to live a life OUT LOUD!!! It was a beautiful and awe inspiring thing to watch. I met Craig Thomas when I was 5 years old, Kindergarten. We swam on the same swim team. I can remember even at that young age, I was drawn to him. We remained friends through elementary and high school and had a relationship that was electric. I am not speaking in the terms of romantic, but spiritual. It was the past 8 years that God used Craig to be so influential in my life. We shared the same faith... and he taught me what love for Christ was. He was a huge part of my life and I am better for knowing him. I miss him more than words... but I can tell you that I feel so much peace knowing that he is smiling, dancing with Jesus, and I choose to believe, that come those rainy days, he is smiling down at me, still reminding me to choose joy no matter what the circumstance. Love you Craig.

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  1. What an amazing man he was! I know you must be grieving this loss of such an incredible friend. What an awesome picture of him dancing with Jesus right now though, and one day you'll be right there with them. And I want to meet him then too! Any friend of yours is a friend of mine! Love you girl.