Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Child of God

The David study has touched my heart very much this week. The virtues that David possessed our some of the many virtues that Jesus Christ possesses as well.
1. He has shown me kindness
2. He has initiated a relationship with me.
3. He has accepted me completely.
4. He has shown me His calming Spirit.
5. He delights in my restoration.
6. He DESIRES for ME to be His DAUGHTER! Wow, me?
That is just so hard to comprehend, that God seeks you out in a crowd, yells your name and says, " Yes, you!!!! I desire for YOU to be my daughter."

This challenges me to also seek a heart like His. A heart that shows kindness, is an initiator of meaningful relationships, accepts others completely, shows a calming spirit, delights in the restoration of others and above alllllll else, desires a relationship with my Father in Heaven that calls me HIS.

I hope that you are blessed today by the video below. During this Thanksgiving holiday, I pray that you give thanks to the one that calls you "daugther".

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